Get Exercising Through Holiday Binge Season

Take the time during your holiday season to get a head start on better health! Many people ignore their exercise routines and binge on rich food and drink during the holidays, only to regret the poor shape they’re in when the party’s over.

Stay healthy and happy by focusing on steady exercise habits and you can celebrate guilt free! Keeping your routine in check will also help you avoid getting roped into split decision membership plans in the new year that you may come to regret in the long term. If you have a limited schedule, budgetary restrictions or a simple hesitation, a pay-as-you-go facility like Striation 6 in Toronto is the best option!

Did you know that the average gym membership costs just under $60 per month, and over half of memberships go totally unused? This pay-as-you-go facility is a multi-faceted physical care and fitness center offering a long list of dazzling amenities and perks.

No one wants to start a fitness journey by getting bogged down with long winded, yearly contracts. Imagine not having to dip into the holiday savings when you want to grab a run or take a quick yoga class. These classes can be a healthy alternative to sitting inside and will give you a great head start on your summer body.

Striation 6 professionals are certified, respectful, and eager to help. Finding a great trainer isn’t hard when you workout at a place that offers state of the art equipment and high quality personnel. Finding an enthusiastic trainer that fits your needs is imperative to starting a new fitness journey or maintaining your fitness through the holiday season.

So you have the whole gym in your hands, what’s next? Pay-as-you-go facilities offer an abundance of engaging and effective programs offered in your fitness plan. You can participate in personal training sessions, muscle activation technique training, group fitness classes, or self directed workouts.

The amenities sell themselves, making it a bountiful world of opportunity with boot camp, yoga, cycling, kangoo, muay thai, and isometric training. Once you’re done sweating, you can take advantage of their waxing and facial services for a little extra pampering. Got children and feel as though you can’t workout? This gym offers child minding for those who want to stay in shape and keep their little ones close.

Pay-as-you-go gyms offer a healthy alternative to those holiday season blues that can you keep you on the couch watching television. The holidays can be as daunting as they are exciting, so it’s important to stay healthy in the mind and body.

Exercise in any form acts as a stress reliever and remaining active can accelerate your happy endorphins, distracting you from daily stress and woes. Even during the holidays, if you’re visiting family out of town, you can maintain your health at a pay-as-you-go gym!

Having an amazing gym at your disposal and being able to pay as go is the absolute best way to go. Say goodbye to long and exhausting contracts and hello to flexibility.