How to Make Drug Detox Process Simple for Your Loved One?

Watching your near ones suffer from substance abuse is a crushing experience. Your near ones may approve to quit using drugs, so they may need to undergo detox. Detox process may seem like physical and mentally draining battle for your near one.

Detox is a process, which is the first phase towards recovery from addiction. The victim will need to work with many things, so as to overcome it. It includes behavior modification, learn stress management and address underlying psychological problems that first lead to drug usage.

Opt for professional help for addiction detox

Never try home detox because some drugs are unsafe to detox without proper medical supervision and supportive care. You can look for better services rehab program near your residence. Get to know if home detox is safe because you don’t wish to have your near one end up injured, sick or dead. It is wise to take some time off and help your dear one during this detox phase.

Be prepared for emotional and physical discomfort as well as pain

Obviously, you will not be able to take away the physical discomfort and pain but be supportive to help them manage it. Withdrawal symptoms differ. It depends on the kind, amount, and frequency of drug usage. Symptoms experienced can be from mild to severe. It can include vomiting, muscle aches, runny eyes, sneezing, cold sweats, and diarrhea. Your near ones can become irritated, anxious, have sleep issues, and feel very tired.

How to help reduce symptoms?

Make them feel comfortable by creating a peaceful environment, give them gentle massage on painful areas, distract them from cravings, listen to their frustrations, and even encourage them that they can do it. In addition, help them build healthy habits offering right kind of liquid and food. Make sure they don’t get dehydrated, if they experience fever, diarrhea or vomiting. If withdrawal symptoms seem severe then call your doctor immediately.