Is coffee actually good for you?

Study reveals coffee may lead to a longer life span!

We all enjoy our morning cup of coffee, but did you know there might be more benefits to coffee than just using it as a pick-me-up?

A study recently published by the JAMA Internal Medicine journal has discovered there might be a link between your morning coffee and a longer life span.

Here’s what you need to know.

The study:

The study analysed data of almost 500,000 people across the United Kingdom. They were asked how many cups of coffee they would drink daily – this included decaf. The question was coupled with general questions about health, education, smoking and drinking habits.

The participants were then sent off on their ways for ten years to determine what effects coffee had on their life span.

The results:

From the sample group, 14,000 had died from causes such as cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. As the study was observational, the results determined a link between life span and coffee, however, it was only determined that it would reduce the risk of death in the 10-year study period.

According to the experts at House Call Doctor, there is no proof that coffee does lead to an indefinitely longer life span.

“Although these findings may reassure coffee drinkers, these results are from an observational study and should be interpreted cautiously,” Lead Study Author Erikka Loftfield said.

The study also found slight differences in results depending on the types of coffee people drank. As decaf coffee did support the findings of the study, this may suggest there could be other compounds in coffee (other than caffeine) responsible for longevity.