Leg Exercises Good for the Development of a Strong Core

One should have sufficient energy to move their body and other stronger muscles. The legs are responsible for body movements, and therefore, you should try the different types of exercises that will keep this part of your body active. Fitness experts advice one to set aside special days for leg exercises.

You can also try out the different legal steroids that promote muscle growth. They are available in online steroid shops. Leg exercises also help boost one’s metabolism rate which is vital for weight loss. They are crucial for the development of a strong core. The following are some of the best leg exercises you should try out.

Walking Lunge

It is a good leg exercise which mostly targets the glutes and hamstring. This type of activity is simple because all you need to do is hold dumbbells in both hands as you step forward with one foot. Your knees should be bent during the process. Bring the back leg forward to assume a standing position. You can repeat this several times.

Hanging Leg Raises

The hanging leg raise workout is simple, and you only require something you can hold on to. You can find a bar or any slightly raised object. Make sure the object you are holding on to is stable to avoid any accidents. Raise your legs as you rise above while holding onto the specific bar or object. You can also stretch your legs mid-air.

Split Squat

It is another excellent leg exercise that mainly targets the glutes and quadriceps. This exercise helps workout each leg on its own.  You can do it by holding a dumbbell in each hand as you move one foot forward while the other remains on a raised platform like a bench. One should bend their knee as they lower themselves slowly before assuming a standing position again. Repeat the same with the opposite foot.

Barbell Squat

The barbell squat mostly targets your core area, calves, and glutes. First, you need to stand with your feet apart and carry a bar on your back. Slowly bend your knees as you keep the upper part of your body upright. Lower yourself down slowly to a sitting position before rising again to a standing pose. Repeat the procedure for about 4 to 5 times.


It is an excellent core-strengthening exercise which mainly targets your hamstring. You should first stand upright as you hold a barbell on your front. Keep your knees and arms apart as you grab the barbell tightly. Lift the barbell slowly as you assume a straight standing position before lowering it down again. You can repeat it several times.

Hip Extensions

It is meant to make your hips stronger. You can do it by lying on the ground with your feet flat and knees bent. Spread out one of your legs and stick it in the air. In that position, you can push your hips up as you hold the surface with all your hands for support. Do it several times.