Most Common Feet Problems We Have

People often suffer from feet problems and sometimes those problems can be resolved quite easily. Well, here, you will get to learn about the most common feet problems people have. Keep in mind that you need to visit your podiatrist as soon as you can if you feel any discomfort or foot pain, and if you need any suggestions check out the Sydney podiatrists like ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Athlete’s Foot

You have probably heard about the phrase at least, but you might not know much about the condition. It is caused by fungus that appear in dark, dark and moist environments areas, such as between your toes or on the bottom of your feet. Usually, it causes inflammation of the skin and it can also cause scaly, white rash that has a white base.

  1. Hammertoes

If your 2nd, 3rd or 4th toe is crossed, or bent in the middle joint, or even just pointing at a weird angle, you might be suffering from a condition known as the hammertoes. They are often caused by wrong footwear, and early on, wearing inserts or foot pads can help you reposition the toes. If you wait long to treat it, you will not have a comfortable time.

Hammertoes can be quite painful

  1. Blisters

Everyone has had a blister in their life at least once, and they usually appear because of shoes that do not fit as well. Soft pockets of raised skin that are filled with fluid are known as blisters, and they are often painful. One thing you should do if you have blisters is leave them alone, they will pass. If you have any foot problems, you should consider contacting services from a physiotherapy Sydney like ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Bunions

If you have a crooked big toe joint that bumps out a lot or even just slightly from the base of the toe, which will force the big toe to turn in, you might have bunions. Bunions are known to be quite painful and discomforting, but sometimes they are not. There are many home remedies that you can do yourself to ease the pain and discomfort at home, but there is also an option for surgery.

  1. Corn and Calluses

This condition is known to form after the the bony area is rubbed against and repeated, or a against your shoe. Corns will appear on top or the sides of your toes, as well as on between them. Calluses will form on the bottom of your feet, usually located under the balls or heels and the sides of your toes. They are described as patches of dead skin cells that are usually hard and very painful.

Visit your podiatrist on time

  1. Claw toes and mallet toes

Claw toes will cause all your toes, except the big one, to curl up at the joints where the foot and the toes meet as well as to curl downwards in the middle of the joints. Calluses and corns are known to form when a person has claw toes. On the other hand, with mallet toes, the last joint of the toe will bulge, and another corn, usually painful, will grow near your toenail.

Final word

There are many other conditions that people often develop without even knowing why, which is why as soon as you feel any sort of discomfort, you should visit your podiatrist. It is very important that you wear comfortable shoes and that you know the number of them, which is why there are many stores today that offer an option to measure your feet for you.