Preparing for Summer: Why to Consider Getting a Breast Reduction

As trends change, more women are considering Breast Reduction over conventional Breast Augmentation. And summer is often the best time of year to have Breast Reduction surgery, with great weather to relax and rest.

Changing Trends – Natural is IN!

Body trends continue to change and more and more natural looks are in especially during the summer months. Plump and sultry looks are fast being replaced with athletic and healthy looking body shapes. Larger breasts tend to make you look like you’re carrying more weight than you actually are in your stomach and waist.

Body Balance

Women with excessively large breasts often find it challenging to find clothing that fit without fabric strain lines, awkward gaps in shirts, and other frustrating clothing-related issues. Clothing that fits the rest of your body perfectly often tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Finding the perfect body balance can be extremely difficult especially when you have excessively large breasts; however, breast reduction surgery Sydney – Dr Safvat can help you achieve a better body balance and your desired look.

Feel Great!

Having pendulous, heavy breasts during the summer can be unattractive and uncomfortable. And let’s not forget how much physical discomfort and pain they can cause due to the position and size of the breasts. Women with overly heavy breasts usually suffer from excessive sweating, skin infections and skin chaffing.

Clothing options are often very limited too, making it challenging to balance a large upper body; large breasts can also cause awkward social situations especially when you’re wearing a bikini!

Summer is Ideal!

Summer is one of the best times of the year to have breast surgeries. Just as long as you do your best to avoid the sun’s intense UV rays on your new incisions — which can significantly impact scar formation — you will have tons of time to comfortably relax during your healing time. It is crucial that you take your responsibilities and lifestyle into thorough consideration when booking your surgery. Summertime is the best time of year to book your surgery, considering most people get long summer holidays; so you won’t have to struggle with getting time off of work as you would later on in the year.

Look Great After Weight Loss or Childbirth

Having children is a fantastic experience and so are meeting your weight loss goals. Yet, despite how amazing these two moments are in our lives, they can also dramatically affect our bodies. Following significant weight loss/gain or childbirth, sadly, our bodies don’t go back to their original natural state. Unfortunately, this leaves your once perky breasts looking, saggy, deflated large and empty; thankfully, this is where a Breast Reduction can help!

Youthful Looking Body Balance

As we age, gravity can have devastating effects on our bodies especially on women with overly large breasts. Massive breasts tend to sag much faster than smaller breasts. Breast Reduction surgery can make your breasts look perky and sit more centrally which can give you a boost in self-esteem and the ability to upgrade your clothing choices.