Reasons for getting an STD test done

Doctors recommend that people who are active sexually should get an STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) test done at least once a year and also every time when you have a new partner. People should also do this test if they feel that their mate is not loyal. STD is an infection, which is transmitted from one person to another during a sexual contact. Some of the infections are curable while others are not. Some show early symptoms while others do not show symptoms till the time it becomes too late. If the symptoms are too severe, the person should see a doctor instantaneously.

It may happen that the symptoms are too mild and they are ignored or treated improperly with medications, or never treated. So, it is smart to get a test done and it is the only way to diagnose an STD correctly. Once it is diagnosed, a physician may prescribe the right medication. Common STD includes herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. People who live with these viruses may lead a healthy life when treated properly with the right medication. Every sexually active person stays at risk to contract a sexually transmitted disease. The sooner you test, the better it is for you. There are many friendly testing labs that offer same day STD testing.

Benefits of STD tests

According to a report, there are many STD cases that occur yearly all over the world. Out of the total number of people getting infected with STD, only a few of them get an STD test done. Testing is important to make sure you do not have any infections and the disease is not passed on to by your partner. There are not any symptoms that may be obvious for an STD. If you have the symptoms, then you are recommended for STD tests at a clinic. Symptoms include sores near the anus, mouth, or genitals, skin rash, redness or swelling near the genitals, painful urination, loose tools, weight loss, and night sweats.

STD are generally without symptoms so do not think that you or your partner is not suffering from any STD as there are not any symptoms. STD can stay in your body for several years prior to becoming symptomatic. By the time it has progressed, it becomes too late. The best way to know whether you or your partner has hot an STD is through the STD tests. Tests can be done easily in four easy steps including talking to a health counselor, ordering the tests, visiting the STD clinic, and calling them for the results.

Simple procedure

Same Day STD Testing is a simple process. When you make a call to an STD clinic, you shall speak to an experienced STD testing counselor regarding your symptoms and other apprehensions. They shall ask questions about the risk factors. After assessing them, they may say to visit the clinic to get the tests done. STD tests done at the STD clinics are 100 percent accurate, confidential, and affordable. Confidential and private testing is the top priority that is perfectly provided by the STD clinics.