Should I See a Doctor After a Car Wreck?

If you’re involved in a car wreck, sustained injuries can have a delayed onset. Find out why you should seek medical attention and which doctor to go to.

Do you think you’re an expert driver? Even so, statistics say you’re likely to get into a crash at least 3-4 times in your life.

Were you recently involved in a car accident jacksonville fl? Are you debating whether heading to the hospital is necessary and worth it? Read on to learn three good reasons to seek out medical care and where to go to get it.

  1. Shock Masks Major Injuries

Any type of collision or accident triggers your body to respond. Your body’s natural response is to begin producing life-saving chemicals like adrenaline.

Adrenaline can help you survive, but it will also block your body’s ability to feel pain. That means you might not realize your foot’s broken until you attempt to walk on it.

Your body is so good at attempting to survive that it can even hide life-threatening injuries. It does so by placing your body into a state of shock.

Don’t rely on your body’s ability to alert you about an injury right after a crash. Instead, let medical professionals give you an examination.

  1. Delayed Injuries are Common After Accidents

Would you recognize the most common car accident side effects if they happened to you? Many car accident injuries have delayed symptoms. These symptoms might not be severe enough for you to realize something more serious is going on.

If you’re experiencing headaches, neck stiffness, or back pain, then seek out care. You could have a more serious underlying issue stemming from your accident.

  1. You’re Likely Eligible for Compensation

Are you avoiding getting care because of the inevitable bill you’ll receive? Fear not; you could be eligible for compensation.

Car accidents lead to several losses. The most obvious loss comes in the form of property damage to your car. Medical bills associated with your injuries are also considered accident-related losses, too. When you suffer losses due to someone else’s negligence, you can seek out compensation.

You may also get compensation from your own insurance provider even if you were at fault.

All this potential compensation will go out the window if you delay treatment, though. Don’t let a medical bill scare you from getting the care you need.

Where to Get Care After a Wreck

Now that you know the importance of getting care, where do you find car injury doctors? When your situation is serious, it’s advised you go to the emergency room.

If you don’t need emergency care, then it’s still advised you go to the doctor. You could decide to visit your primary doctor, or you could seek out a specialist.

Seeking Medical Care After a Car Wreck

Experiencing a car wreck isn’t something any of us plan for or expect. Despite the inconvenience, you need to seek medical care after your crash.

Shock, delayed injuries, and potential compensation are all good reasons why. If your situation is dire, then head to the ER. If not, then you should consider a specialist.

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