Take Peace Of Mind Everywhere With Glo Meditation Online

The centuries-old art of meditation has been practiced in monasteries, gardens, on mountaintops and beaches anywhere there is silence, serenity, and peace. Now, in the age of electronics, you can download instructional meditation classes right onto your phone, tablet, or laptop and take them with you anywhere thanks to Glo meditation online courses. Today’s society is constantly on the go, dealing with extreme amounts of stress daily, no time for self. The Glo meditation online classes are a convenient 5-15 minutes long so you can log in and enjoy the class of your choice any time, anywhere.

Some of the most popular Glo meditation online classes to choose from include:


This meditation technique teaches you how to begin each day on a positive note and carry it through the entire day. You will be instructed on how to set and follow your purpose for the day ahead. In just a few minutes you can transform your entire mindset and focus on accomplishing everything you want to accomplish. Best of all, you will learn to do so at your own pace. This will ensure that you maintain a calm, pleasant demeanor throughout the day, benefitting you and everyone you interact with.


This course will instruct you in meditation to release repressed negative energies and emotions. You will learn techniques that will allow the toxic energy to be converted or “transmuted” into positive energies that will help you to focus and reprogram your mind. You will learn how to fully release feelings of stress, sadness, fear, anger, depression, pain, etc, making way for feelings of joy, accomplishment, peace, calmness, and love.


This extremely effective technique helps to overcome feelings of being trapped in a negative mindset. This is known as being stagnant. This course will teach you how to find grounding and balance while changing your focus and transforming the unhealthy energies into healthy. fulfilling life energy.


This unique meditation technique incorporates all five of the senses to improve mental calmness and clarity. Breathing techniques, visual focusing, awareness of each part of the body for total relaxation, listening to gentle nature sounds and more work together to create a complete experience that will benefit every aspect of your life by bringing the mind and body into harmony.


This meditation online method is among Glo’s most popular. You will learn how to do a personal, guided mental scan of your entire physical being. This will help you to center your thoughts and focus on breathing techniques that will lead to complete, rejuvenating relaxation and renewal of mental and physical energies. This is an excellent class to use as a follow-up to another course for an even deeper and more effective relaxing meditation experience.


  • This technique teaches you how to stabilize and focus the mind and thoughts by using breath control and paths of guided awareness. The main focus of this practice is the inner chanting of the mantra “SO HUM”. This will train the mind to react by entering into a state of serenity and relaxation. It will help you to be able to release negative energies that the mind may be holding on to in order to allow in positive, healthy ones.

Glo meditation online courses are an excellent way to do something good for yourself every day. Take advantage of Glo’s 15-day free trial and try all of the courses, customize your own regimen with your personal favorites to relieve stress, improve your focus, and build on positive, life-changing energies and mental practices. In no time you will be welcoming each new day with a bright outlook and a positive attitude.