The Best Use of the Alkaline Water

With a pH above 7, alkaline water contains minerals that are able to process acidic organic waste in the body and maintain a balanced pH in the blood and body. The body, when subjected to stress, an acid diet and water can acidify and become less resistant to diseases and viruses.

Choosing the Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water can be a simple habit that is accessible to all. It has several health benefits thanks to its antioxidant properties, which protects our cells from premature ageing due to free radicals. So which alkaline water should we choose choose and how do we alkalize tap water by ourselves? Drinking alkaline water filter is important in this case.

Benefits of alkaline water on the body

By consuming alkaline water daily or regularly, the pH of the whole body can be improved. Thanks to a more alkaline pH, it is thus possible to:

    • Stimulate the immune system and make it more resistant to external aggressions.
    • Hydrate the brain and maintain intellectual capacities.
  • Recover more easily after intense effort while limiting muscle stiffness due to the lactic acid produced.
  • Correct the body’s acidity, especially when it is due to stress or a little varied diet.

We can also accompany alkaline water by consuming alkaline foods such as:

  • Lemon juice and citrus
  • Greens, cooked and raw
  • Green vegetable juices
  • Raw fruits
  • Walnuts and hazelnuts, rich in essential fatty acid.

The importance of the pH of water

The pH of water can influence a lot of things. First of all, the pH of the water can influence the body. Yes, water that is too acidic or water that is too alkaline can cause health problems. Let’s be frank, one is not more advisable than another, but it is important to be aware of the effects that the pH of water can have on humans.

Secondly, piping can be damaged due to the pH of the water. If you have pieces of brass that have verdigris, there are 2 possibilities for the problem: 1) you have pieces of brass of an inferior quality or 2) the pH gives an abrasive property to your water, which causes accelerated degradation of your brass, your sinks and even your appliances. For the first problem, we have all the parts you need to get quality plumbing that will last a long time. In the case of the second problem, the solution is a bit more complex, but nothing can stop us. With a physico-chemical analysis, we will identify the qualities and the defects of your water and we will propose solutions to you to solve your pH problem.


Finally, the effect of the pH of the water on your cleaning products and disinfectants is still important to take into account. If you want to create an acidic solution with alkaline water and follow the directions on the product bottle, you will end up with a less effective solution, as cleaning product designers rely on water near a neutral pH. By treating your water and obtaining a pH closer to neutral levels, the efficiency of your cleaning products will be improved.