ADONIS Center for Reproductive Health

Reproductive health care using the most qualified treatment is the best investment into your future. For those who take the responsibility for their own procreation, ADONIS Medical Group of Companies ensure the widest variety of treatment options for reproductive health with approved efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe that your total insurance and confidence in a successful result is your first step toward infertility overcoming.

ADONIS Center for Reproductive Health

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is the Ukrainian qualified medical establishment which was opened in 1998. We have provided the best technological treatment for more than 23 years with great support for every patient we treat.

100+ experienced specialists and ADONIS own medical facilities – is the bail of great outcome, safety and confidence. Our skilled staff of doctors uses their knowledge for your well-being and happy parenting.

ADONIS Infertility treatment and well-developed Programs consists of the coherent processes which are established by Ukrainian legislation, Ministry of Health of Ukraine and worldwide society.

The main benefits of ADONIS Infertility Treatment are the following:

  • Technological diagnosis of the highest professionalism 

ADONIS ‘own laboratory is the role model of the latest technological achievements. We provide a wide list of examinations for every patient that undertakes the ADONIS Infertility treatment. According to the proper diagnosis we select the most suitable Infertility Program, develop individually adapted treatment plans and reach the best results.

The highest quality equipment which is manufactured in Europe and USA, has all certifications, tests and approvals.

  • Worldwide standards’ adherence

ADONIS Private Fertility clinic follows the latest tendencies and provides the newest services which help to overcome infertility. The newest Andrology and Neonatology Department is always for the services of our clients and their beautiful children. With the special examinations for men and women on ADONIS ‘own basis your treatment process is safe and confident.

  • Investment in the future 

ADONIS ‘own cryobank services for the genetic material storing (for a defined time according to the chosen period). We ensure the special environment for your genetic material or embryo storage, maintaining the temperature conditions, box separation and total control by experienced specialists.

It will help you to use the quality genetic material for your infertility treatment and conceiving. Your effective investment in the future is really affordable in ADONIS.

  • Delivery control 

ADONIS has 2 own Maternity Hospitals with the best treatment, support and care for mothers and children. The green ecological zone of the Kyiv (Ukraine) with beautiful territory will be a real retreat for families and newborns. We control every step of the Delivery and ensure professional medical help from ADONIS specialists. The qualified equipment and accommodations in case of emergency is available, your comfort and the comfort of your future baby is totally provided.

ADONIS Fertility clinics provide the best options for IVF and Surrogacy treatment – when we talk about ADONIS professional medical help, we mean quality, safety, confidence and effectiveness.

Choose the ADONIS treatment that fits you best and make your life more colorful and filled with love to the small beautiful child. ADONIS Medical Group of Companies – is your chance of a dream fulfillment.