Is Bat Ear Correction Possible for Adults?

Protruding ears, which are very often referred to as bat ears, is a common issue that over 5% of the world’s population experiences.

Fortunately, bat ear correction surgery is an option for those who are dealing with the embarrassment and confidence issues that stem from this defect.

Protruding ears are an especially difficult issue for children to deal with as they are often subjected to endless teasing and name calling at school, something that can wreak havoc on their emotions and minds for years thereafter. For this reason, the majority of bat ear surgeries and corrections are performed on babies and young children and in most cases, invasive surgery can be avoided if the deformity is addresses within the first few months of a child’s life.

There are, however, many cases of adults who only seek corrective surgery later in life.

Bat ear correction for adults

Corrective surgery for protruding ears is still an option for adults who weren’t able to correct and remould their ears as children. Insecurities about ear deformities don’t simply go away once a child becomes an adult and it is never too late to take advantage of the excellent otoplasty options available today to gain some of your confidence back again.

Why choose otoplasty?

The appearance and positioning of your ears makes a big difference to the overall appearance off your face, which in turn plays a major role in how comfortable you feel in both professional and social situations. Many adults feel that having their ears stick out either makes them feel unattractive or they feel like they aren’t being taken seriously in the workplace, scenarios that can be avoided with the help of otoplasty.

The basics of bat ear correction

This simple corrective procedure can produce incredible results when you’re dealing with the right medical professional.

In order to correct protruding ears, a small incision is made in the area behind the ear, which is then used to manipulate and reshape the ear’s cartilage before it is pinned back. This procedure can be performed on both adults and children with bat ears and patients should be able to return to their normal daily activities by the following morning.

Any excess cartilage that may be present in the concha of the ear or in the antihelical fold will be corrected during this procedure using a local anaesthetic. A head dressing will be placed on the head after the surgery and should be worn for a week thereafter. A tennis headband will also need to be worn a month after that.

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