Medication that Help Sleep and Soothe the nerves of people with Anxiety Disorder

The medicine named Etilaam or Etizolam 0.5mg is used as a sedative and for curing anxiety disorders. This is often prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication that is often similar to benzodiazepine group of medicines. This medicine is mostly used by people who fail to manage their anxiety and need some external support.  You would find that any stress can give in to insomnia and this medicine therefore also helps insomnia patients too. When taken by people with anxiety, it does work both for managing stress and keeping the patient sedated. The medication of benzodiazepines will need a prescription for buying them, and this medicine of Etizolam group will not require any prescription. You can get them over the counter.

The dose for the tablet

The tablet of 0.5mg works by increasing the activity of the chemical messenger that suppresses the unusual activity of the nerve cells and the brain as a whole. If you want to go for this medicine, you should follow the dose and the timing for medication as prescribed by your physician. You will have to swallow the medicine and never try to crush or chew the tablet before intake. You should also take it at a fixed time, and it is not just to take it with some food. The medicine Etilaam is used to treat situations where the patient is gripped by anxiety and shows hyperactivity, sweating, and agitation and panic attacks.

Some things to note

There are some intended effects from this medication, and there are some side effects too. You should note that if you are taking this medication for getting rid of insomnia or anxiety, you must not use it for more than four consecutive weeks. You will notice the medication becomes a habit and you must not get into a habit of taking it to get off your anxiety. You should also never take alcohol while you are on this medication and it causes more than constant sleepiness. If one is pregnant, one should consult the physician before trying out the medicine.

Relaxes the patient

This medicine is often prescribed for people who are unable to manage their anxiety, and when taking this medication, they feel the nerves sooth for the time. The medicine brings in the bliss of sleep and can take care of seizure or any other action of the GABA. This medicine will set in a calm feeling, and the brain will take rest in the form of sleeping. You will find the muscles of the patient also relax, and there is a noticeable change in the mood of the patient when they come out of the soothing sleepiness. They may also experience some ‘high’ feeling due to the medicine.

Care for anxiety disorder

The affinity of the GABA neurotransmitters has an affinity that ends up in giving relief to stress that builds up when one faces anxiety disorder. The relaxing effect of Etilaam and similar other medications is the most cherished thing for a person who faces sleeplessness due to anxiety. Anything that can take over the insomnia is welcome by these people.  This medication also has anti-depressant properties that give extra care to the people with anxiety disorder, and they feel good after taking this.