The Right Option for the Great Erectile Dysfunction Option

For more than 10 years, new drugs have changed the management of erectile dysfunction. But what are the uses and expectations of men and women vis-à-vis these treatments? Discover the results of the exclusive survey in partnership with laboratories.

From June 26 to August 28, 2014, 1,873 people responded to our online survey on erectile dysfunction treatments. Most respondents were men (86%) aged 50 to 79 (67%). Nevertheless, we find 20% of 35-49 years and even 6% of 25-34 years. Overall, there is a majority of retirees or pre-retirees. Nearly two out of three participants (62%) know someone affected by this problem. With the use of the bluechew pill is the best deal here.

Erection problems: a taboo subject and a lack of information about treatments

Erectile disorders have benefited from several campaigns aimed at the general public, especially since the advent of oral treatments, which represented more effective and practical solutions than those previously available. There was a tendency to believe that sexual breakdowns were no longer so taboo in homes and the media. And the results of our survey show the opposite, a majority of respondents (59%) believe that the media do not address enough this theme.

Does this feeling translate into a lack of information?

The causes of these intimate problems are relatively well known to respondents: a psychological origin, age, physiological causes, drugs, and a lack of interest in sex. Conversely, the information on treatments suffers from a real lack knowledge: almost a third do not know that these problems can be healed!

Among those who have an active search for information, the Internet is the main source of information (52%), far ahead of the specialized press (21%) and television (18%). The mainstream press, radio or thematic channels remain far behind.

Erection troubles: a real impact on the life of a couple

On a daily basis, the men concerned admit that these disorders affect their life as a couple / family (84% of respondents) and the image they have of themselves (78%). Beyond the sexual problem, several feelings mingle, attacking their virility, feeling of aging badly, guilt, shame, depression. So many negative feelings that can promote breakdowns, which will then feed this fear of failure: the terrible vicious circle peculiar to erectile disorders.

And this feeling is not the prerogative of men, since 73% of women believe that these intimate problems have a significant impact on their life as a couple.

Erectile Dysfunction: To be treated, it is still necessary to speak about it

In case of erectile dysfunction, respondents would naturally turn to their GP (49%), even in front of their girlfriend / girlfriend (18.5%) and sex therapist / sex therapist (17.3%). According to their statements, the choice to go to another doctor, an andrologist or friends are quite rare.

But among those who are concerned by this problem (80.2%, of which 26.5% from time to time, 22% fairly regularly, 16.6% regularly and 15.2% all the time), the reality is quite different Only 44% said they spoke with their doctor , but 16.5% spoke with another doctor, sexologist or andrologist and 39% never talked about it.

Without talking about it, 45.5% of men do not benefit from medication and 11% have turned to alternative solutions. Only 43.5% received a drug (mainly Cialis 55% and Viagra 21%). Why not take a proven treatment? The two most common reasons are not daring to talk about it (22%) and fear of side effects (16%).