5 Tips For Getting Fit For The New Year

For many of us, the New Year means making a resolution to lose weight and get in shape. If you struggle with this resolution every year, make 2019 the year you finally achieve your goal!

Studies show that more than 45% of adults living in the UK make a New Year’s resolution to get fit. Of those 45%, only 8% actually keep their resolution and achieve their fitness goals. At On The Ropes, we think this figure is too low and we want to help more people reach their fitness goals this coming New Year by sharing some helpful tips that will make getting in shape easier than ever! Let’s take a look:

5 Tips To Getting In Shape In 2019

Forget About Last Year- put the past behind you and forget about that diet that you didn’t stick to or that gym membership you never used. 2019 is a new year and it is time for a new you!

You Have To Want It- to lose weight and get in shape, you have to want it. You have to commit to eating right and working out. If you don’t really want it, you will have a much more difficult time reaching your goals.

Take It Slowly- it takes time to lose weight and build muscle. Once you understand that, you will have a much easier time sticking to your diet or workout. If you expect results right away and you don’t see them, you might lose your motivation and stop working out.

Tell A Friend- getting in shape is difficult to do on your own and sometimes it is best to tell a friend or coworker what your fitness goals are. They could be a good source of motivation and support.

Join A Fitness Class- joining a fitness class such as a jump rope training class can help keep you motivated and give you a way to burn calories and get in shape that is more structured than just going to the gym by yourself and trying out the equipment. If you plan on working out at home, one of the best tools available is a Buddy Lee jump rope which can provide an excellent all-over workout that burns calories, increases your endurance and can tone your muscles quickly and effectively.

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