Advantages for weight loss and healthy living

Weight loss can be harmful only in the case of an improper diet, regimen, as well as unsystematic and self-administration of medicinal and biologically active drugs. That is, how exactly you lose weight comes to the fore. Not only the harmfulness of this process depends on this, but also the effectiveness, as well as the long-term result. Best working fat burner pills are many on the market but choosing and using them properly is what matters the most.

With the right approach and the development of the right habits with the help of Weight Loss Dietitian Pikesville, MD, losing weight will be effective and beneficial to health. The main benefit will be in improving the condition of the body, internal organs and systems, as well as in well-being and psychological satisfaction with the aesthetics of your body and increased attractiveness. And as a bonus, which we often consider the original goal:

  • Improved well-being and increased physical activity
  • Improving the aesthetic beauty of the body and attractiveness

Weight gain causes some diseases namely:

Pain in the feet – under the pressure of extra pounds, flat feet gradually develop, as the arch of the foot drops and flattens out. Small and large joints are affected, and dislocation and subluxations often occur.

Thrombophlebitis – the circulatory system also does not remain unaffected: blood clotting increases, varicose veins appear, and blood clots form. With excess weight, the load on the veins increases, and the hormonal changes caused by fullness weaken their walls.

Violation of the menstrual cycle – adipose tissue produces a third of female hormones, therefore, the more fat, the more estrogen. And to suppress their excess, the female body is trying hard to produce male sex hormones. As a result, the menstrual cycle is disrupted.

Infertility – Women who are overweight often suffer from infertility. The reason is a violation of the hormonal balance and an excess of estrogen. There is evidence that with a weight loss of only 5-8%, the probability of conception increases by 2 times.

Increased hairiness – about half of obese women who are overweight suffer from a disease: polycystic ovary syndrome. A sign of this disease is increased hairiness, that is, hair grows where it should not be – on the chest, on the shoulders, on the stomach and the bikini line.