Best Foods to Eat with Invisalign

The plastic Invisalign aligner is preferable than the brace. They are not harmed by the food we eat and can be removed and placed back after eating food or snacks. The aligner is simply washed and put back. This allows you to eat foods that are better for teeth health. However, even if your Invisalign is done by professionals like Oracare Dental Clinic, there are still some foods that are best eaten when your Invisalign is on. Below is a list of such foods you should eat if you just had your Invisalign.

#1: Cheese and Yoghurt

They are both rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D and healthy fats which is good for the teeth health. It also increases the pH of the mouth thus preventing the growth of tooth decay-causing bacteria. The silver produced during cheese chewing help protect the teeth. Yogurt also contains beneficial protein which supports teeth health. Yogurt with low sugar is ideal for the teeth health

#2: Apples and Carrots

These fruits are both sweet and high in natural sugars. Carrots have a crunchy texture while apples are succulent with high water content.  The fiber texture of these fruits help get rid of food particles and plaque from the teeth, thus improving the health of the gum and entire body. These fruits also encourage the production of silver by the mouth when chewed, this saliva washes away bacteria and leftover food particles in the mouth. The high vitamin A content, present in carrot helps in improving the health of the skin and eyes.

#3: Leafy Green

Dark colored green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale contain abundant minerals and vitamins; they help to keep the teeth and bone strong. They also contain an extremely high amount of calcium which keeps the enamel healthy.

#4: Almond

Almond is very good for those with allergy or apathy to milk. They contain high calcium and protein, but free from lactose or fat present in common dairy products. The crunch of almond also helps remove or prevent plaque from the teeth.

5, Celery and cucumber

They both lack flavor but contain high water content which helps hydrate the mouth as we eat. The celery also contains vitamins which help remove food particles and anything else sticking into the teeth.

 #6: Berries

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant which help to keep the mouth and the entire body healthy. Dark berries contain a compound that prevents plaques of the a result of dark juice

#7: Onions

Onions contain antibacterial properties which kill bacteria thus preventing cavities and gum diseases. The Onions helps to clean the mouth though they might cause a breath smell.

Food rich in calcium and protein is important to increase the health of your teeth. And so should be more in your diets.