How to Choose the Best Hearing Aids Style

Different types or styles of hearing aid exists. But how would you know the one perfect for you? Learn more about what to consider when selecting a hearing aid. Maybe you have thought about possessing a hearing aid, but you are confused about how it may look or if it would truly help out. Knowing more about the following may help in easing your concerns:

  • What to look for when purchasing a hearing aid.
  • The available hearing aid options.
  • How to get used to it.

Although hearing aids are incapable of restoring normal hearing. But they can help in improving your hearing by amplifying soft sounds, assisting you with hearing sounds, that you were unable to hear before.

How does hearing aid work?

Hearing aids make use of the same hearing parts to make environmental sounds louder in your ear. Majority of these hearing aids are digital and are mostly powered using a hearing aids battery. Sounds are collected from the environment using small microphones. The incoming sounds are converted into a digital code, using a computer chip with an amplifier. The amplified are in turn converted into sound waves and sent to your ear through speakers.

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What are the different hearing aids styles?

Some clinics like the Audiology Centre West offers some of the best hearing aids styles, and these styles can vary in size, price, other special features and also how they are placed in your ear. The following are the common types or styles of hearing aids:

In the canal

An ITC hearing aids style is custom molded and fits partially in the ear canal. This hearing aids style can improve mild to moderate adults hearing loss. An in the canal (ITC) hearing aids can:

  • Be Less visible in the ear than the bigger ones
  • Be Susceptible to earwax clogging its speaker.
  • Contain features that will not match in the canal aids, but may be hard to adjust because of it’s small nature.

In the ear

An ITE hearing aids are made in two custom ways. One that can fill in most of the bowled shaped area of your outer ear, that is the full shell, and the other part that fills just the lower part of the ear, that is the half shell. Both can assist people with a serious hearing loss. An ITE hearing aids can:

  • Pick up more wind noise than the smaller hearing aids styles.
  • Be more visible in the ear than the smaller devices.
  • Make use of a bigger battery for a longer battery life.

Other hearing aids style to look out for include:

  • An open fit hearing aids
  • A receiver in canal hearing aids
  • A behind-the-ear hearing aids.