In-Home and In-Facility Respite Care Toronto for Your Loved Ones

Using respite care to take a break from your usual responsibilities may offer more benefits than you might imagine. It provides you with some free time that you can utilize in many different ways. You can use it to recoup and relax your nerves. You can travel or spend times with friends. You can even use this free time to start a hobby and does something that makes you feel happy. Not only this, you can also use that free time to talk to other caregivers and learn new ways to manage your situation better.

There are many benefits of respite care Toronto, but it is important to ensure that you know the available options and determine the one that suits your needs. Depending on your unique needs and circumstances, you may choose between in-home and in-facility respite care. Both of these options have their own benefits, but your unique circumstances will help make an appropriate choice. Here is what you should know about these two options:

In-Home Respite Care


You may want to opt for in-home respite care when you need to take short breaks. You can receive care multiple hours a day. It is possible to find a caregiver willing to care for your loved one through the night. Some caregivers specialize in certain conditions, such as arthritis, Parkinson’s, or dementia. Using their services may offer some additional peace of mind. The option provides your loved one with companion care – the caregiver will prepare a meal and do some light housekeeping as well. Companion care often costs around $10 or more per hour.

You can also find a personal care assistant who would stay with your loved one while you are on a short break. They will offer companion care along with taking care of toileting, dressing, bathing, and grooming needs. Keep in mind that person care assistants usually charge a lot more than individuals who offer companion care only.

In-Facility Respite Care

You can utilize this option when you require respite care for a rather extended period. You will have to drop off the loved one to an assisted living facility – you can also have your loved one picked up by them. The option provides you with programs offering adult day services. They monitor vital signs and take care of regular activities, transportation, and meals. You may want to use day services if you believe that you only need 24 hours to manage other things. Depending on the facility you choose, you may have to pay up to $150 for day services.

It is important to mention that assisted living respite care Toronto is often called skilled nursing homes where your loved one will be under the supervision of trained healthcare provider. The assisted living community dublin oh provides room and board while you can take a longer break from your role of caregiver. Assisted living with room and board can be a bit expensive.

The bottom line is that respite care Toronto is available in different types and you have to make a decision considering your needs. Just be sure to explore different options before you finalize anything.