Meratol Reviews

Are you finding it difficult to lose any extra weight you’ve put on over the years with any amount of exercise or calorie restriction?

Or have you hit a plateau that just isn’t allowing you to make the progress that you were once making?

The answer is obviously yes as you’ve stumbled onto this review for the new product called Meratol. We’ll be reviewing this diet pill for you so that you can decide whether to include it in your weight loss program or not.
So let’s kick off our Meratol reviews with a video review from none other than the hot and sexy celebrity Lauren Goodger.

Who Is It For?

Meratol can be taken by anyone who needs an increase in their metabolic rate, higher levels of energy, and increased concentration and alertness.
It is meant as a supplement to be added to an already pre-existing routine of health and fitness; not as a replacement for it. When used correctly, it will enhance your weight loss progress by keeping your motivation levels high.
It is not for people who are not willing to put forth the maximum effort at weight loss and don’t follow a schedule of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. If that isn’t done first, meaning implementing a health and fitness regime first, then no amount of diet pills are going to help you to lose weight and get the physique you so badly desire.
But, if you are willing to put in the effort of creating a workout routine and sticking with it along with eating a healthy and balanced diet, these weight loss pills will help push you to your limits and surpass your goals.
Many people experience results in the first few weeks of taking Meratol. Common weight loss ranges in between 4 – 7 pounds in the first two weeks.

What Makes It Different From Other Diet Pills?

Meratol is different from other diet pills because it actually works. There are several clinical studies on the key components of the formula.
The first study was performed on the evaluation of Cacti-Nea, also called Prickly Pear, on women which had nothing but positive results.
Another of the clinical studies was for Capsaicinoids, which is the hot red pepper extract that is claimed to help in fat oxidation.
The study proved to be a success as it increased both thermogenesis and fat oxidation, thus burning more calories all day, every day.
It also contains a carbohydrate inhibitor, which means that a percentage of the carbohydrates that you eat will not be absorbed in the bloodstream and will pass through the digestive system. This means that less calories will be absorbed on a daily basis.

How Does It Work and What’s the Dosage?

Meratol is taken in the morning and two capsules is the dosage. It contains a mixture of capsicum, Prickly pear, brown algae, and caffeine. This balance of ingredients helps to increase attention and mental alertness, increase athletic performance and athletic endurance, while supporting your weight loss goals.


Capsicum – Capsicum is the substance in red hot peppers, and increases the body’s overall thermogenesis. This means that your metabolic rate will increase when taking this supplement.
Prickly Pear — It is shown to have beneficial effects of cellulite, helped reduce water retention, helped provide weight control and limited amounts of weight loss while having no effect of blood pressure.
Brown Algae – Brown algae extract has been shown to provide superior weight control, help with the reduction of fat mass, and help control calorie intake without any sort of modification to your lifestyle.
Caffeine – Caffeine, when used in a diet supplement, helps to increase energy and provide a stimulating mental and physical boost.
There have been no adverse side effects reported from any of the customers using Meratol.

Customer Testimonials

We have taken the time to search the internet, review forums and community blogs, to read real user reviews on the product. We have found nothing but a myriad of positive reviews for this product.
Here are 2 customer reviews that we found on the Official Meratol Website:

We also conducted research on the individual ingredients that make up Meratol. It seems, based upon individual studies, to show that this product does what it says it will do.


A one monthly supply, which is 60 capsules, is $57.00, a two month’s supply is $114.00, a three month’s supply is $136.83 and a four month’s supply s $159.64 and includes the C-Plex60 carbohydrate blocker supplement.
There is no money back guarantee which we found a little annoying. The company does offer a 7 day return policy assuming the returned products are unopened.