Self-care for diabetes and homeopathy

Diabetes can prove to be both deadly and frustrating if proper precautions are not undertaken to help reduce its symptoms or dominance on the body. Diabetes can be treated with the help of medicines, yoga and a few effective lifestyle changes.

To begin with, let us see how one can manage their diabetes with self-care.

  • Have a balanced diet: Ensure that your daily meals are full of all the essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, etc. Avoid consuming fatty food and junk food as they may clog the arteries. Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits instead of meat and dairy products.
  • Reduce weight: Maintaining proper weight is imperative to help control diabetes. Overweight people run a much higher risk of contracting diabetes.
  • Walk as much as possible: Research has claimed that walking for 20 minutes right after each meal helps in reducing the body’s blood sugar level for the day.
  • Exercise more: Studies have proven that people who exercise for at least 30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week have 80% less chance of being affected by diabetes. Exercising more increases the body’s insulin receptors and this is essential when treating diabetes.
  • Quit smoking: Chain-smoking brings in a whole barrage of other deadly ailments such as heart attack, stroke, nerve disorders, and kidney disease. Medical research has found that diabetic people who smoke are at 3 times the risk of contracting diabetes when compared to the non-smokers.
  • Sleep enough: 7-8 hours of sleep daily is a must for anyone trying to stay healthy, especially those who have diabetes. People who sleep less than 6 hours every night double their chances of contracting diabetes. Sleeping helps bring blood pressure levels under control.

Self-care is just as important as medication when it comes to the diabetes cure. However, homeopathy has achieved a special spot as being one of the safest yet effective channels for treating diabetes.


Dr Batra’s clinic specializes in treating diabetes with the help of natural elements and proper therapy that effectively works to treat the problems.

Here are a few reasons why homeopathy treatment for diabetes can be considered to be the safest and most effective solution.

  • Homeopathy can effectively treat diabetes without damaging other organs in the body.
  • Homeopathy helps in sugar metabolism.
  • Homeopathy improves the body’s capability of absorbing nutrients.
  • Homeopathy stimulates the self-healing powers of the body, which reduces the risk of vision loss, cramps, and hardening of the liver.
  • Homeopathy focuses on establishing body-mind equilibrium so the mind can be brought at peace along with the body.
  • All medicines prescribed during a homeopathic course of action are extracted from nature, thus there is no possibility of side effects or organ damage.
  • Homeopathic medicines aim at enhancing the overall quality of life.