Sometimes The Right Shoes Are All You Need

There are a lot of people who visit a podiatrist for some serious issues that require surgical procedures in order to get solved as well as some minor ones that simply relief the patient from pain. Orthotic Solutions Podiatry in Maroubra has a team of specialists who can help you relieve pain by providing you an upgrade for your shoes, coming in the form of custom orthotics.

What are they?

Custom orthotics are a pair of orthotics for your shoes, however, they will do more than you can imagine, despite how they look.  They are usually made by the podiatrist new york city ny by letting them take molds of your feet, and then they use 3D printing technology in order to make custom orthotics that are made specifically for your foot.

This means that every pair of custom orthotics is unique as it will specifically be designed to keep your foot in its normal position. By wearing these orthotics, one will not show any visual changes to the public, but the way the user feels while wearing them is definitely going to change.

Taking a mold of your feet is the first step of getting custom orthotics.

Where can they help?

One of the most common reasons why people get custom orthotics is to help themselves with their issue of having flat feet. Since most of the commercial shoes are made to fit someone who does not have flat feet, it can be a problem to find a pair that will fit and not cause any awkwardness or pain.

By getting custom orthotics, you can put them in any type of shoe, which allows the wearer to expand their wardrobe. Of course, allowing someone to look good is not the only thing custom orthotics are for, as they are also used by athletes while they are exercising.

That is because as they keep the foot in the optimal position at all times, there is a smaller chance of the user getting injured while walking, running or jumping.Professional Sydney City podiatry such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry recommend them regardless if you have any problems with your feet or not because they will surely improve your quality of life.

There are different orthotics, each fitting a unique pair of feet.

How are they made

We already mentioned that 3D printing technology is involved, however, there is a bit more to it. After the mold is taken, they will take the mold to harden in the lab. It takes a up to twenty-four hours for the mold to harden before more work can be done.

Orthotics are usually made out of plastic or graphite. The most common type of plastic used to make custom orthotics is polypropylene, mostly because it is very flexible, and that makes it durable and easy to put into various shoes without worrying that they will break.

Once it’s hardened, the mold is filled with a casting that will later undergo various procedures such as compression under extreme heat, a cover of durable material, shaping and after that, they are pretty much ready to be used. Of course, this process might sound simple, but there is actually a lot more to it, and explaining it completely could be a story on its own.

Final Word

While there are various things that can cause pain to someone’s feet which can potentially transfer to the rest of the body by causing pain in the back and neck, getting custom orthotics is definitely going to help out with many of those issues, as well as preventing them in the future. Custom orthotics might seem expensive for some, but for what they will do for you, it is definitely worth getting a pair.