Surrogacy Programs with all-round care

Nowadays, fertility problems can be overcome with the help of the latest medical technologies. One of them is Surrogate Programs with the main aim – to give parental happiness to families from the whole world. 

Medical Center ADONIS Family provides the best developed Surrogacy services with the experienced staff and effective results of a successful pregnancy and birth. 

Surrogate concept and process 

Surrogacy is the process of assisted reproductive technology with the participation of a woman who voluntarily agrees to become pregnant in order to bear and give birth to a child who is biologically alien to her. 

The baby will then be given up for upbringing to other persons – genetic parents (intended parents). They will be legally considered the parents of this child from the very beginning of the Surrogate process. 

Surrogacy in Georgia or Ukraine – the concept remains the same, you choose the best quality.

ADONIS clinics provide the best Surrogate treatment services (including both medical and non-medical ones). We develop every step of the medical assistance according to the individual preferences of each patient. 

ADONIS Surrogate Programs include different benefits:

  • ADONIS own Surrogate base

Selection of the Surrogate mother for the ADONIS infertility treatment Programs includes several rigorous stages to ensure the best quality and safety. 

Each woman undergoes special examination to be included in the ADONIS own Surrogate base – perfect health state, test results, case history, her own healthy child availability, genetic inheritance, age limits and many other factors. 

  • ADONIS own diagnostic laboratory

ADONIS ‘own diagnosis laboratory with the newest certificated equipment ensures the most accurate results for the proper beginning and development of the treatment. The latest Neonatology Department will help you to be totally sure in the health aspects of your future child. All equipment is manufactured in Europe or USA and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

  • ADONIS own Legal Department 

Safety of ADONIS patients is ensured not only in the medical part, but also in the legal one. With the help of ADONIS ‘own Legal Department each client has an opportunity to have the specialized consultation and support according to the whole process of Surrogacy. We help you with documents drafting, notarization and signing. Ukrainian legislation is stable and reliable in the field of Surrogacy, that’s why our intended parents are fully protected. 

  • ADONIS exceptional support

We understand that the treatment process can be difficult both emotionally and physically. That’s why ADONIS professional staff provide all-round care and support for the duration of the whole process of the Surrogacy Program. Transfer and accommodation help, translation services, personal coordinator, 24/7 informational support – all possible efforts to ensure your comfort in ADONIS.

With the help of ADONIS affordable prices and exceptional quality, our Surrogate Programs are considered to be one of the best not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world (for example, in comparison with Surrogacy in Georgia or Europe).

With the whole dedication, ADONIS Family clinics provide the highest level services in the area of Gestational Surrogacy. Choose the healthy future for your baby – choose the most suitable Surrogacy Program in ADONIS.