Vaping vs. smoking – A comparison of the facts on how the former is safer than the latter

So, by now you must have heard about the buzz regarding the gaining popularity of e-cigarettes and you’re pretty excited about quitting cigarettes and giving a try to vaping. Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigs are being promoted in the industry as a safe alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Currently, they’re available in different forms and they also include Juuls, vape mods and vape pens. As most of the researchers reveal that vape mods and vape pens are always a healthier alternative to smoking, there are still many who have to be intrigued into believing the same.

Electronic cigarettes – What are they?

As long as vaping is concerned, vape pens which are a form of electronic cigarette are shaped in the form of a cigarette. You can get one for yourself from The nicotine that is contained in the cigarettes is addictive and such is true with juuling and vaping. They are all electronic products which allow nicotine to be inhaled in case the vaper wishes to do the same. However, the level of nicotine contained in electronic cigarettes is much less as compared to conventional ones. The e-cigarettes heat a liquid rather than tobacco and that which is released is totally smokeless.

Is vaping considered safer than cigarettes?

As mentioned earlier, the key difference between e-cigarettes and tobacco ones are that the former don’t contain tobacco. But is it that only tobacco cause cancer? If you check the ingredients of tobacco cigarettes, you will find a long list of chemicals which are harmful. In the year 2009, FDA pointed out that there are also detectable levels of carcinogens and toxins found in e-cigs but they are much less harmful as compared to conventional cigarettes.

The way in which human body reacts to the chemicals that are present in the tobacco cigarettes cause inflammation inside which leads to chronic diseases like emphysema, bronchitis and other kinds of heart diseases. Due to the fact that e-cigarettes contain reduced toxic chemicals, there’s no reason that electronic cigarettes can be harmful for your health. Moreover, the FDA has approved the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are both safe and they don’t contain any toxins.

Therefore, whenever you’re confused between smoking and vaping, you have to ensure knowing the benefits of vaping. Get your vape pen from a trusted source and also invest in the best e-liquid flavor as per your taste.