7 facts about cosmetic surgery you might not know about

Over the past few years, the popularity of plastic surgery has continued to surge. It is not uncommon to find everyday stories about celebrities undergoing procedures such as breast augmentation, facelifts, or nose jobs among other cosmetic surgeries procedures.

While these types of cosmetic surgeries are some of the most popular, there are also many other ways that plastic surgeries procedures can help in improving the way our bodies look and how they function.

Although the common perception of plastic surgery is to alter the appearance, it is also beneficial in many more areas. For example, it can be used for various purposes such as reconstruction and scar revisions. Here are some facts about cosmetic surgery that you might not know about.

  1. Plastic surgery can be used to improve the function of your body

While many people undergo cosmetic surgery to improve the way they look, it can also be used to improve the overall functioning of the body. For example, some may opt for plastic surgery to fix birth defects such as a cleft palate, which is known to cause issues with speech, nursing, or eating. Plastic surgery may also be used to restore body functions after an injury, as well as repairing scars on the body.

  1. Men also undergo plastic surgery

While the majority of those seeking plastic surgery procedures are women, men can also seek these procedures. Most of the common procedures done on women include breast lifts, vulvovaginal surgery, labia minor reduction, breast implant removals, or breast augmentation among others.

Men can also benefit from procedures such as hair transplantation, nose reshaping, cellulite treatment, tummy tucks, and eyelid surgeries among others.

  1. Every case is unique

Since people are different and unique in their own ways, the procedures done for a particular person may not work for another. This can be due to medical history or conditions, which means not everybody can undergo certain procedures.

Technological advancements also mean that there are now new options for achieving the intended goal. For example, people have the option of choosing non-surgical procedures such as cool sculpting to get results that are similar if surgery had been done.

  1. Liposuction reduces fat cells

When we are born, our bodies do not produce fat cells. What the fat cells do is get bigger or smaller depending on your weight. This means that when the liposuction procedure is done by targeting fat cells in certain areas, they are removed forever and will not come back.

  1. The process is becoming faster and safer

With lasers now doing more of the work, cosmetic surgery procedures are now faster and safer. While in the past some of the procedures required surgery, use of anaesthesia, and long painful recoveries, most of the surgeries are now non-invasive and do not take long. This means spending less time at the doctor’s office, and also less time recovering.

  1. Cosmetic surgery is affordable

With many celebrities going through cosmetic procedures, many may assume that it is expensive. While there are places where you will be charged more, there are also places where you can get quality and affordable cosmetic surgery. One such option is to consider cosmetic surgery abroad in a country such as Poland, where prices can be 1/3 cheaper than in the UK.

  1. Cosmetic surgery increases self-esteem

A study carried out in the UK showed that women wanted to change the way they look to increase their self-esteem and life satisfaction. This has led to more people, both men and women opting for cosmetic surgery, and it is especially helped with the advancements of non-invasive procedures and the various options available.