How to Stop Drinking Like a College Alcoholic After Graduating

Have you been a college alcoholic? Binge drinking is common in college, but how do you go easy on the booze after graduating? Find out now.

Did you know that as many as 1 in 8 Americans can be labeled as an alcoholic?

For many people, drinking in colleges starts as a hobby. Some people are able to grow out of it while others struggle with drinking problems for the rest of their life. In severe cases, alcoholism has the ability to sabotage all areas of someone’s life.

Were you a college alcoholic? Keep reading to learn how you can adopt a happy life after alcohol.

  1. Identify Why You Want to Drink

Since the drinking culture in America is so prevalent, lots of people don’t take the time to consider why they want to drink in the first place. If everyone else is doing it, then why should you second-guess yourself?

There are plenty of reasons why people drink. Some feel like they need alcohol to have a good time while others drink to escape tough situations or emotions. Getting to the root of your impulses will help you overcome your desire to drink.

  1. Try to Avoid Social Environments Where You’d Normally Drink

If you spend lots of evenings hanging out at your local bar, it’ll be nearly impossible to quit drinking altogether. Although avoiding social environments where drinking takes place is challenging, it is doable.

Even if you can find places to hang out where fewer people are drinking, you won’t have to be the only person there who’s declining a drink.

  1. Tell Loved Ones About Your Goal

It’s always a good idea to tell others about goals that are important to you. Telling loved ones means they can hold you accountable during moments where the temptation is high. You may even inspire others to go dry and you can help each other stay motivated throughout the journey.

At the very least, when people know you’re trying to stay sober, they won’t put pressure on you to drink. Social support is one of the best tools people can have when trying to quit alcohol.

  1. Find a Replacement Non-Alcoholic Drink You Love

Getting sober doesn’t mean you have to stay inside every night and avoid others. If you have a go-to drink that you’ll miss, try experimenting with fun non-alcoholic beverages. Lots of people quit drinking for their health, so try your best to avoid drinks that contain high amounts of sugar.

  1. Consider Getting Professional Help

Some people have mild alcohol abuse issues while others have a serious addiction. If you can’t go a few hours without having a drink in your system, you could wind up experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms if you try to quit.

If you’re committed to getting sober, finding an alcohol addiction treatment center is the best way to take care of your health.

It’s Possible to Quit Drinking If You Were a College Alcoholic

Since binge drinking in college is commonplace nowadays, it’s understandable why so many people become a college alcoholic. The good news is that with these tips, you can take control of your life and thrive after quitting drinking.

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