Modafinil Mechanism of Action 

neurotransmitter promoting wakefulness

Modafinil is one of the best natural products for wakefulness and mental acuity. Consequently, it will not just keep you awake, but will also make you more productive and functional so that you can perform those demanding and complex tasks quickly and effectively.  If you must get the desired result from the use of this product, it is required that you follow the modafinil schedule laid down by your doctor. The drug is safe to use. But you can record undesirable side effects if you use more than the prescribed dose. Carrying your doctor along will ensure you do not experience any side effect. Continue reading to find out more about this product.

Mechanism of action of modafinil

The way modafinil works differs from that of every other stimulant on the market today.  Many of the stimulants being sold today work by targeting the entire nervous system, but modafinil will focus its action on the hypothalamus and amygdala alone.  It also limits its actions to specific neurotransmitters in the brain.  This careful mechanism of action makes it a very safe stimulus. Alcohol may also act as a stimulant, but modafinil and alcohol do not go together. You should, therefore, avoid alcoholic drinks when taking this drug.

Once attached to the hypothalamus and amygdala, modafinil will stimulate the production of hypocretin or “orexin”, which is the neurotransmitter involved in promoting wakefulness.

Aside from keeping you awake and alert, modafinil can also increase the feeling of euphoria in you; it can do this because it can breakdown dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter called the “feel good” hormone.  This will improve your mood and help you to focus more on the task on hand.  Modafinil may increase the quantity of dopamine in the brain, but it does not do so in excess so that you will not end up with any uncomfortable body sensation.

Benefits of modafinil

The benefits of this smart drug are highlighted below:

  • The drug can improve your alertness
  • It can also improve mental acuity
  • It can help you to focus more
  • It will increase the speed at which your brain process complex tasks
  • Also, modafinil can increase your energy level, concentration and motivation
  • It equally promotes state of wakefulness.

Conclusively, never forget to carry your doctor along before you start using this drug. Follow the doctor’s modafinil schedule religiously and this will help prevent any unwanted side effect. The drug is not known to cause side effects, but you may end up with such if you do not use it according to the professional recommendation