These Techniques Can Help Make You Quit Smoking.

Smokers face the constant urge to smoke when trying to quit smoking. This urge is an intensive feeling, although it should wear off within 10 to 15  minutes.

Smokers are well aware of the health risks faced with the intake of nicotine, while some are willing to stop this act, others remain ignorant and face the consequences in the long run.

Well, if you’re trying to quit, today is a good day to do so and we’ve gathered a few natural stop smoking aids that aid you towards this process.

Techniques To Quit Smoking

The following are techniques to quit smoking, choose which works best for you and you’ll be better off without nicotine in your body.


E-cig is used in replacing nicotine in the cigarette, although there is no proof as to how effective this method is. The government has made clear that nicotine is an illegal substance to buy or sell.

E-cigarettes have a flavour that contains zero nicotine, which is used to control the urge of smoking. The e-cigarette is an effective method to control the intake of nicotine in the body, thereby reducing the urge for cigarettes.

Cold Turkey

This is a blunt approach to stop smoking without using any quit smoking product.

The cold turkey approach requires your mental strength to overcome the urge of nicotine in cigarettes.

Cold turkey has a record of a lower success rate as a technique to quit smoking, but it works well when used simultaneously with other quit smoking techniques.

Controlled Intake

Controlled intake, also referred to as cutting down is a technique quite similar to cold turkey, using another technique with this method will result in a higher success rate.


You should consider joining a support group or seek the counselling of professionals with expertise in helping smokers to quit or use the Quitline — 13 7848, which provides you with resources to quit smoking, you can call from anywhere in Australia.


Products such as Nicotine Patch, Nicotine Gum and Varenicline aid smoker to quit smoking. Let’s have a quick look at these drugs.

Nicotine Patch

This is a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy placed on the skin to control the amount of nicotine supplied to your body, thereby reducing the urge to smoke, its available in stores and it cost ranges between AU$100-140.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum works in a similar way to nicotine patch. It is chewed to release nicotine which is absorbed by the tissues in the mouth, it reduces the urge to smoke and amount of nicotine in the body. You can get nicotine gum at the rate of  AU$0.24-0.47


This is a pill which disrupts the effects of nicotine from cigarettes especially during a bounce back for users. Varenicline should be used based on a prescription for 12 weeks and each prescription costs AU$5.80 with over $300 for the 12 weeks.


The first step towards quitting smoking is to make a decision especially when you’re aware of the negative effects on your body system, then you go ahead and work with a technique that suits your lifestyle.