Top 6 Worst Foods For Health

Food is an important part of our lives. Without food, we cannot survive. As per historical research, food is also a crucial thing that helps in building a relationship. Like when we go outside with our loved ones, we order snacks, junk food, and a cup of coffee, cold drinks and ice cream. Though these foods make your tummy happy, at the same time, it may hurt your teeth. In this blog, we have compiled some of the top types of foods that are horrible for your teeth.

  • Biscotti: This Italian food has a crunchy structure, which is why people prefer this while drinking alcohol. However, this difficult to bite biscuit can cause pain to the teeth if it’s too hard to eat.
  • Popcorn: We often eat popcorn while watching a movie. But it’s impossible to eat popcorn without getting some of it stuck in your teeth and if it remains longer, then it causes an infection. Peoria AZ dentist suggests that after eating popcorn, drink water to minimize the bad effects.
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich: Almost all peanut butter is made up of a lot of sugar, which causes bacteria and damage to the teeth. So, try to find a natural and sugar-free peanut butter to minimize the problem.
  • Chewy Candy: Chewy candy can steal a beautiful smile because it’s really bad for a teeth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re eating hard or soft candy; all candies have a lot of sugar that can lead to germs and cavities in a tooth. We know you love candies, but we also you love your smile more. So, stay away from candies and keep your teeth healthy.
  • Coffee and Tea: Coffee and tea are the second most consumed beverage after water, but they are not good for your teeth. Peoria, AZ dentist explains that swishing with water afterward will help protect your teeth.
  • Ice Cubes: There frozen cubes of water can be used to chill beverages. Since ice cubes are hard, when you cut it with your teeth, it not only harms your teeth, but also creates tiny cracks that leave the enamel open to bacteria, and in turn, cavities. Time to cut off this habit and ask for recommendations from Dr. Peoria AZ dentist, which foods are healthy for the teeth.
  • Yogurt: Right now, you’re thinking, how can be yogurt be bad for teeth? If it’s plain, it’s not. Though it contains calcium and probiotics that are blissful for oral health, if you eat yogurt with sugar, then it causes germs and bacteria. So cut out this habit and eat it plain.

Knowledge is prevention:

At Peoria, AZ dentist we focus on prevention. The main motive behind this blog is to acknowledge the food that can break your teeth and smile. So, stop these habits and maintain your healthy teeth. If you still have queries, we’ll take the time to answer your questions. Contact us today. We are looking forward to meeting you.